In some businesses you get involved in, you never seem to understand the point or concept.  At one time, I joined a system but for the life of me just couldn’t understand how the system was making money or how others before me kept showing picture proof of how they made bank.  Well in freebies that isn’t the case at all.  The point of your tasks and why you’re doing it is simple and makes logical sense.   When something makes logical sense, it helps throw some of the shadiness out of the window.  Let me explain…

The concept of freebie stems from advertisers looking for new and cost effective ways to advertise products/services.  Instead of advertisers throwing away thousands of dollars for tv ads and radio sponsors in hopes of getting customers, they figured that they could find everyday people such as you and I to bring others to try forth their products/service. In return for users signing up and giving these offers an honest shot, the advertisers give these IFWs (incentivized freebies websites) an incentive, which in turn give out commissions to you and I for bringing people to try these products and services.

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