One of the things I’ve dabbled in and out of to make cash online is through something called freebie trading.  It will soon be ten years where I’ve been an freebie incentivized marketer.  There is no application or entry fee which is what attracted me.  When I began, it was just a community of people looking to get cash or prizes by doing very little.  People looking for refs would find each other and come to a mutual understanding to pay one another to be a referral or would in turn do themselves a favor and become refs for each other.  It’s a very simple concept and because of that it’s a free for all industry, which makes it easy for individuals to leave and exit as they please, however it’s motivation that breeds the ones that lasts long and gain the most success.  Like everything in life, the ones that are consistent are the ones that get results.  You cannot look to make money online and have unrealistic expectations of making bank by doing very little.  THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND.  HARD WORK PAYS OFF YET FOR SOME REASON, PEOPLE THINK MAKING MONEY ONLINE IS SOMEHOW EXEMPT FROM THAT RULE!

With anything new that you’re unfamiliar to, I expect you to be leery, overwhelmed, skeptical, unsure or a combination of all of those traits but once the payments come in, you will know it’s legit.  Just give it a shot and you will be paid for every site you complete.  EARN YOUR BEST PAYMENTS HERE! YOU WILL NOT FIND THIS ON FORUMS OR ANYWHERE ELSE.  MAKE AT LEAST 85% PROFIT HERE.

My attraction to freebies was that there was no application to fill out, no pay roll, or anything to document you initially.  It was just a set of rules to follow.  It was an opportunity to self employment and a journey into entrepreneurism.   The thing about me is that I’m probably the laziest person you could come across.  I don’t like doing anything strenuous, including overthinking or doing any type of physical or mental hard work.  When I learned what freebies was, I said, “Okay this could work out” because it was simple.  Outside of PTC sites, where you spend time clicking on ads for less than a penny, this was the easiest thing I had came across at the time that didn’t demand my name upfront to join and didn’t have a monthly cost.  It was just enter, try products, and you will get paid.  It was that simple.  It wasn’t rocket science.  Now the products you tried out were not that great but not that expensive to try out either; And this is where some people get lost because now there is money talk involved.  Outside of PTC, which stands for paid to click; to make money on the internet, you’re going to have to spend money.  THAT IS THE REALITY, THE SOONER YOU UNDERSTAND THAT, THE BETTER.  It’s no time to beat around the bush.  Almost nothing in life is free but spending $1-$15 to try services or goods you might or might not use to make $30 or $40 in return is a win/win.  Even if you’re only getting a dollar richer, it’s still a dollar more than you had the day before, so never underestimate the value of a dollar.  And this is what I’ve done for years and continue to do.  I let people join me, try offers for cheap, and give them a high incentive for it. What drives me to do this is that not only does it help me but it motivates me to continue on as a marketer.  The key to having and gaining more success online is motivation.  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve come across on the internet with a lack of drive that are so easy to give up or not be consistent.

A bad thing about trying to make money online is when you come to the realization of needing referrals.  The internet is filled with a plethora of programs and systems such as MLM/Get Rich schemes/Matrixes/Ponzi schemes/and Pyramids where profit is majorly based on leaning on others.  And I guess it makes sense: The internet has a global outreach that reaches people in billions, so naturally it’ll make use of people as a resource to its benefit. The issue with that is that you’re dealing with humans; You’re dealing with humans who can be finicky, saying they want money and success yet their actions totally show the opposite.  Yes, online marketing is abundant and has been bombarded everywhere to the point that some have become numb to it and feel that just about everything is a scam.  You’re already defeated about it yet somehow you’re still looking for light at the end of the tunnel for a legit opportunity.

Well the light is here.  All you have to do is hit the switch.  We need motivated individuals. We need people with drive.  We need people with will.  We need people who understand work and will therefore not mistake “work at home” for get rich quick.  If that is you, then you are at the right place.