1.  Sign up to an IFW (incentivized freebie website) with your valid name, valid address, and valid email.  Do not use fake information because IFWs have intelligent, reverse-lookup verification systems that will run your information and detect if your information matches what exists across many databases.  If they detect anything fishy, you may go on hold or be banned.  So BE TRUTHFUL!

2. Go to offers and find an offer.  Pick an offer(s) that you have never previously signed up for and complete it with the same real information that you used to sign up to on the IFW site.  Do this until you complete the amount of credits desired by the IFW to be eligible to receive your prize/cash.-

3. Do offers from a home computer.  Do not do offers from a library or somewhere that shares internet connection.  You also cannot do offers behind a VPN or any private network.  You need your own wireless connection on your own computer.  There may be some exceptions for those on wireless networks with their own mobile plan but there is no certainty with some of the IFW networks.  If you have the option to use your own home computer on your own home connection, then do so.

4. Read terms and conditions (T&C) for each and every offer you decide to sign up for.  Keep track of trial periods (if any), and know if you have to return products.  You are an adult.  Know what you’re getting into.  Understand the terms.  Copy and paste the T&C if you have to.  It’s important to set reminders, jot down phone number to cancel (if you decide to), how long trial periods last (if any), etc.

This is basically the gist of it.



Do not complete the same offers more than once.  That is considered offer fraud.  Your job is to try a product/service once.    Advertisers want to reach their products/services to NEW clients.  Repeat customers are not what they are looking for.


To make sure you receive credit, you must set your browser appropriately.  The suggested browser for doing freebies is FireFox but other browsers will still do.  The important thing is to go into your browser settings or preferences and make sure that accepting all third party cookies is selected.  That means the offers you complete will have a chance to be tracked by your browser to receive credit after signing up for an offer.   


Every single time you get to step 2, which is finding an offer to sign up under, you must clear your browsing history each time.  When you complete an offer, you want to give it the maximum chance you can for the cookies to be tracked and therefore credited properly.  Clearing your history gives your browser a clean slate by removing all the prior backlog and traffic from your browser, making it easy for your offer completion to get an easy route to be tracked and crediting.  In addition to clearing history, it’s highly recommended to keep the last page of your offer window open for 5-10 minutes and allow it to track.


Okay, so there is that seldom time where you may follow everything down to a tee but for whatever reason, things didn’t go according as you still haven’t gotten your promised credit for completing a signup.  Well no worries.  This happens seldom in freebies and due to that most advertisers allow users to file MCRs which stands for missing credit request.  In the event that you do not receive credit, simply go to the signup email that you used to sign up for your offer and you will see a confirmation email.  In that confirmation email, you should find a “headers” option which transforms your email into coding.  That coding gives the date, time, and the entire trail of how and where you signed up for the offer.  You will go to your IFW site and file a form where you will copy and paste that entire code into an empty space.  After some time, depending on the IFW network, you will manually receive credit for completing that offer.

And that is it.  There is no science to this.  It’s 4 steps to follow with some extras to know.